Monday, June 8, 2015

Very Bicycle

Tonight's wheelie session was another subtle milestone. With the conscious decision to not worry about being able to see exactly where I was going, the big effortless wheelies came naturally on the WR250R. With this, one discovery was that, at certain moments, I was actually able to look ahead under the handlebar. This is progress for me on a motorcycle. The other discovery was that the *exact* balance point for me doing sit down wheelies, to date, on the WR250R is at a place that I have not yet been able to precisely pin down. And this is the b-side to having a moto that is insanely easy to wheelie (as this model has a particularly big balance arena). I'll get it. For now, I can know that my motorcycle wheelies are getting very "bicycle" feeling. And this is what I've been after for years.

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