Thursday, May 21, 2015

Heaven on Earth

With 20 solid wheel-ups done at my favorite parking lot, I hit the streets for some illegal blockz-style action.


It was just one wheelie... but this recent practice has clearly taken my skills to a new level. What happened was magical. It reminded me of the seeming carefree-loss-of-mental-control-as-if-I-am-not-in-control-but-simultaneously-am-in-full-control nature of riding dirt bikes.

There I was. Just floating along a roadway. Above it. Just feeling it, but not exactly connected to it. But completely connected to it via gravity, the rapid burning of hydrocarbons, and my nervous system controlling the motions.

It was extremely beautiful. No picture, video, or written description can do justice to what happened this evening. It just was.

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